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Markirit Armutlu

MSc (Exp. Medicine – Bio-Medical Ethics), BSc (OT), CHE

About The Workshop

We all intend to provide the best possible care for the best possible outcomes for our patients, clients, and residents, but sometimes a patient may be inadvertently harmed. When a patient's safety is compromised you need to know you are taking the right measures to address it, now and in the future. The Canadian Patient Safety Institute’s guiding documents entitled “Canadian Disclosure Guidelines”, the “Canadian Incident Analysis Framework," “Communicating After Harm in Healthcare” and “Engaging Patient in Patient Safety” support organizations, leaders and healthcare teams in their endeavor to provide people centered, high quality, safe care. This session will provide an overview of the best practices, practical strategies, and resources to manage incidents effectively and keep patients safe. Specific advice will address the needs and concerns of patients and their families, and how to properly engage them throughout the process